Accessible Website Development

Accessible Website Development

With one billion people in the world having disabilities, accessible websites that are developed for people needing assistance in navigating the internet are very important. Organizations should not want to exclude people with disabilities that may be interested in their products and services.

Web Accessibility Eases Web Use

word cloud showing many types of disabilities helped by accessible websites

Accessibility in websites means that people with disabilities can use the Web. With millions of people affected by disabilities that restrict them from using the Web effectively. Properly developed accessible websites will enable people with disabilities to use and contribute to the Web more effectively.

Web Accessibility Easily Implemented.

Making a Website accessible can be simple or complex, depending on many factors such as the type of content, the size and complexity of the site, and the development tools and environment.

Prairie1515 can easily implement many accessibility features if they are planned from the beginning of developing your web site . To fix an inaccessible web site can require much effort, especially sites that were not originally “coded” properly.

Web Accessibility Is Required By Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and 2008 amendments require that U.S. programs and services be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Web accessibility is important as these requirements apply to Internet resources. Prairie1515 offers various levels of accessibility depending on your organizations requirements.

Accessibility and SEO Can Complement Each Other

Prairie1515 will make your website more appealing to all by making it accessible and using SEO.

Accessibility and SEO Have Different Goals.

  • Accessibility cares solely about the disabled user
  • SEO concentrates on user experience

Prairie1515 Can Do Many Things To Accomplish Both For Your Site. They Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Alternate Text to describe what is in your images.
  • Hyperlinks to get the user to the proper place.
  • Sitemaps for the search engines also aids the visual impaired and vice versa.
  • Informative headings and titles for navigation

Google and Accessible Websites

A strong case to have websites accessible is the fact that Google encourages developers to design and build their products with accessibility in mind. This suggests that Google may actually favor pages that are accessible.

Prairie1515 Can Make Your Website Accessible

The 1 billion people in the world with disabilities benefit from a accessible website, but they also benefit people without disabilities by allowing them to customize their experiences, yours can become one of them. Good accessibility and good search engine optimization is a great combination that we can provide to insure your websites success. Don’t wait, contact Prairie1515 today.